Our story

Quiet Corner Woodworking started as a small hobby, building chicken runs and bee-keeping equipment on our little farm in Canterbury, CT. Then Covid happened, and I was laid off from my job. I started spending more time in my workshop building different shelves for our home. Just things that I thought looked unique and interesting. Well, the love of my life told me that I should try to sell them online. At the time, I was very reluctant. I thought that no one would ever be interested in my artwork, but she was persistent, and I finally agreed. I started an Etsy shop in January 2021. I should have listened sooner because, one, she's always right, I should just accept that fact, ahaha, and two, It ended up being a success with over 1000 sales in our first year. Fast forward to today, Quiet Corner Woodworking is my full-time job. All of our items are handmade right here in CT. You will find no drop-shipped items here. I am proud of everything I sell, and attention to detail is taken on every item; in fact, I display many in our home.